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Have fun in Wuhan

Downtown Wuhan

Modern and Traditional. Wuhan is emblematic of global cuisine, abundant
shopping malls, convenient public transit, refreshing social parks, eminent
universities, budding start-ups and booming industries.

Climb up the Yellow Crane Tower, you can enjoy the splendid view of Wuhan:
the two rivers run through the city, the Tortoises Mount and Snakes Mount
stand towering like city guardians, bridges fly over the dashing river combining
three towns. This city is full of surprises waiting for your exploration.

  • Getting around Wuhan

    There are several ways to get around the city. Nine metro lines can deliver you to any place avoiding traffic jams. Hop on Alipay Bike Share and two-wheel it along the East lake. We highly recommend you to hit the Yangtse River with a scenic cruise and snap a photo of Yellow Crane Tower.

  • Dining in Wuhan

    In Wuhan, you can satiate all your appetite. Global cuisine prevails in any shopping mall, no matter you are curry lovers or pasta fans, Sushi devotees or taco people, you can find whatever you crave. Wuhan people are proud of the “breakfast” culture. We dare you wander in morning and try to resist the various delicious street food. Have a bite of hot dry noodle and take a sip of soybean milk. We bet you will have an impressive “breakfast” experience here.

  • Shopping in Wuhan

    Wuhan will serve it up with style when it comes to shopping. Go to Hankou town for high-fashion finds at Wuhan International Plaza,” the most topping department store of central China”. In Hanyang town, don’t miss IKEA and AEON Mall, the paradise of entertainments. You can also have fun near HUST, stroll in The World City Plaza walking along the style street and maybe get a good bargain.

  • Exploring Wuhan

    Wuhan is a perfect combination of tradition and modernization. Start from Jianghan Road where kinds of historic buildings interweave with skyscrapers telling you the old stories and glorious course of history in this city. Walk on the bridge over the HanJiang River and head directly to the QinTai Theater for a look at fantastic dramas or a listen to marvelous symphonies. The Hubei Museum is a must-see on your visiting list from its valuable collection of ancient instructions and thousands of cultural relics. Sports fans should check the shedules and grab a stadium seat at Zhuankou Stadium.

  • innovatating in Wuhan

    If you start from HUST and head further into the southern east of Wuhan, you will find yourself immersed into a grand palace of rising industries. There stands Wuhan Future Science and Technology City, cradle to start-ups and cutting-edged technologies.